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Codru - Origini

Debut full length release of Codru band from Romania. 'Origini' is about primordial times, primordial mysticism of nature.

1.Origini (Intro) 01:43
2.Copacii Aceiia Păduri 03:16
3.Vremea Zâmbrului 03:39
4.Ghimpele Negru 02:32
5.Codru Vrate 02:30
6.Dincolo de Rău 04:53
7.Scrâşnet De Lumină 04:08
8.La Amurg 03:17
9.Bunget 03:47
10.Gând 'nvolburat 04:35
11.Schisma (Outro) 02:16

Codru made its presence about 10 years ago with 'In Roua' demo, a Burzum like inspired material. 'Origini' full-length offers a variety of compositions gathered in the past years, culminating with the track 'Scrasnet De Lumina' a great track recorded in winter nights of 2014. The album combines acoustic and traditional sonorities, the dark atmosphere signed by the dark ambient project ABBILDUNG.

Credits: All music by Dragos. Vocals on 'Codru Vrate' by Iulia. Vocals on 'Bunget' by Hadenskog (Sorgnatt), field recordings, dark ambiance and Outro by ABBILDUNG. Photography and cover design C.&L. ABBILDUNG Photography.


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