CodeRed - Dominions of Our Deceitful Beliefs

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CodeRed - Dominions of Our Deceitful Beliefs


Technical Death Metal from Romania


Re-mastered, updated edition of the band's debut album


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CodeRed's first full-lenght album, mastered by Brian Elliot in Florida, USA at Mana Recording Studios, was released and offered for free streaming on Soundcloud. In 2017 the same material is re-mastered and released now via Loud Rage Music featuring 1 bonus track too.



1. At His Appearance Dark Red
2. Symptoms of General Decay
3. Way of Nibiru
4. Crowd Control
5. Neutron Collision
6. Above Desolation
7. The Sixth Sun
8. Burning Wrath
9. I'm The One (Bonus Track)


CodeRed is:

Andrei Calmuc (lead & backing vocals / guitars)
Armand Niculescu (guitars)
Ioan "John" Campian (bass)
Septimiu Harsan (backing vocals / drums)