Funeral Baptism - The Venom of God

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Debut album from the Argentinian / Romanian band Funeral Baptism, 7 tracks of fast, aggressive, fierce and technical Black Metal for fans of Marduk, Watain, Urgehal or Antaeus!

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Here's what the band had to say about it: “We worked hard on this album and we think to have reached a perfect balance between atmosphere and aggression. We bring more variety yet keeping the traditional basis of Black Metal intact.”

The Venom of God‘s cover artwork is the work of Gheorghe Paraschiv (the photo part) and Cristina Ustinescu (the editing part), and the people involved in recording the album are:

Liviu – Vocals, lyrics
Damian – Guitars, bass, music

Teo Popp – session drums

Producer – Mihai Alexandru Dinca (Apa Simbetii, Negative Core Project)


Q & A video about the band and album: