Slowly We Rot #7 + Rotten Romania #1

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Slowly We Rot #7 / 2015 + Rotten Romania #1


Professionally printed, 60 pages, English written, A4 format, glossy paper, black/white traditional style


Featuring: AbhorrenceAzaghalBrutalityDevourmentEsotericGBMCLLOTH (in memory of Tristessa, Astarte), NazxulOverkill (first part of an amazing vintage interview about the beginnings of the band), Shape of DespairVarathron...


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+ Free Compilation CD!


Rotten Romania #1 / 2015, free bonus zine covering the Romanian scene, this time featuring: Concurrency in KnowledgeCostin ChioreanuDeceaseDirty ShirtGothicKistvaen.